Dr. Bryant Bruce elevates the idea of family physician through her work as a concierge doctor. Serving as a concierge doctor has the wisdom of learning from the patient’s environment to help determine aspects of treatment, among other things. Dr. BryantBruce has helped me using allopathic medicine as a base with integrative medicine and extensive education in nutrition, exercise, healthy environment and managing my mind. She is adept at responding to the whole person as a complex system. She recognizes that many diseases began as dis-ease processes, culminating in symptom profiles/illness after a time, so those same illnesses may take time to reverse as change occurs on many levels of a person’s life. Given this, Dr. BryantBruce has been very patient with me while also teaching me how and when to push past limitations. I have been blessed to have her as my physician

Deborah Merchant, Clinical Psychologist, consultant & owner of METApoints, Inc

Dr. BryantBruce commands expertise in so many areas of the medical profession and generously shares her compassion for others with true dedication. She has an amazing source of energy and stamina that few can match. Whether as a physician, motivational speaker, health coach, or business consultant, anyone considering her services will be impressed with the value provided, as she always delivers 150%

Randy Wong, , M.D., FACS, Chief Surgeon, Honolulu Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce is a wonderful collaborator. She is a leader, as well as, a creative person. I would recommend her as a physician, a business person, a host and producer, and as a compassionate individual. She is also one of the busiest people that I know. Catch her while you can.

Dr. Judea Castillo-Winter

Cheryl is a wonderful Healer. She uses many techniques when treating people. She always knows the Best Remedies for treating different Illnesses. She is very dedicated to her Passion of Medical Treatments.

Arlene Spring, Business Owner: Photographer, Simcha_Designs, Angels.Always.Watching, Trendy-Palm Spring

Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D. “The Celebrity Doc” is an exceptional doctor and I would recommend her to anyone who wants that one-on-one personal service from a physician. she will come to your door anytime of day or night. I can always count on her too be there for me! Her services are very professional and she is an expert in the field of medicine today.

Jeanine Mercer, Owner at Mercer & Associates, LLC

Cheryl’s professionalism is matched only by her compassion. Her credentials as a physician stand alone, her willingness to collaborate stands out, and her desire to stand up for those who are in need shows how extraordinary she truly is.

David Winter, News Anchor ABC Fox, Montana